Pulley Pennel 3/0 Wide Mouth

The pulley pennel rig is ideal for a range of species. This rig is a perfect choice for cod fishing. As well as a range of other fish species, such as rays, smooth-hounds, bass and other medium to large species.

Equipped with 60lb trace monofilament rig body. You can achieve long casts if needed with the clip-down system in the rig. The 50lb snood / hook length mono gives you the confidence that you won’t lose your fish, even over those rock marks.

We use custom wide-mouth 3/0 hooks for the main bite-hook with a 2/0 wide-mouth hook as the pennel hook. This rig is ideal for using big baits with a hook placed either side (top & bottom) of the bait for better hook-up rates.

  • 60lb Trace Rig Body
  • 50lb Snood Hook Length
  • Size 2 Power Swivels
  • Size 2 Clip-Down Weight-Clip
  • Size 3/0 Wide-Mouth Hook (Main Hook)
  • Size 2/0 Wide-Mouth Hook (Pennel)
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